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Update 2015

Each year Medi-Cal releases new maximum values for the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA), Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (MMMNA) and Average Private Pay Rate (APPR). For 2015 eligibility calculations: CSRA $119,220; MMMNA $2,981; APPR $8,092.

California officials have yet to implement DRA 05 rules (see accompanying article). Projected implementation has been moved into 2015.

Saving Mom and Dad...and You

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Saving Mom and Dad 2015
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Calif. Says Average Nursing Home Cost $8,092 per month

By Robert J Cullen, CFP®

The average private pay rate (APPR) for California for 2015 is $8,092 per month – that’s $97,104 per year.

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New Rules Expected in 2015

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, passed in February 2006, does not change the basic eligibility requirements for obtaining Medi-Cal (Medicaid) assistance to pay for long-term care. The primary thrust of this legislation is to restrict several popular methods for sheltering assets. These include 1) Look-back periods extended 2) Half-a-loaf gifting curtailed 3) Elimination of ‘rounding down’ of gifts that are less than the Average Private Pay Rate (APPR) 4) Concurrent gifting penalty periods eliminated 5) Limitations imposed on home equity exemptions 6) Annuity use curtailed 7) Expansions of Community Spouse Resource Allowance restricted by implementation of 'income first' rules.

This is federal legislation; individual states must implement these new provisions to make them effective for consumers. Until these new provisions are implemented by individual states, county eligibility workers will follow existing eligibility rules.


First ask yourself: Am I typically penny-wise and pound-foolish? This is an important consideration when seeking a competent elder finance or elder law advisor.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the above question, then you will likely be satisfied working with advisors who charge lower fees and deliver limited services. For example, former Medi-Cal eligibility workers advertise their services as Medi-Cal advisors. While these advisors understand Medi-Cal’s rules and regulations, they are often unschooled about financial planning, investing and legal matters. If you are content to pay for Medi-Cal-only guidance, such advisors may fulfill your needs. They typically charge less than professionally credentialed financial advisors and elder law attorneys.


When income does not count as an asset

FOR YOUR GRANDMOTHER TO QUALIFY for Medi-Cal benefits for her nursing home care, her end-of-month bank balance must be under $2,000. She must also be over age 65, or blind, or disabled, and have a medical need for nursing home care. You receive her latest bank statement and your stomach knots when you see an ending balance of $2,800. “ Blast it!” you mutter: “Now she won’t qualify and I’ll have to pay the nursing home out of my pocket!”

Maybe not. Think about this: when you balance your checkbook, do you accept the balance printed on your statement as the current balance in your check register? Probably not, since you likely wrote checks during the period between the closing date of the bank balance and the date you balance your checkbook.



"The doctors hoped to stabilize him to complete a heart transplant. Jimmie’s $2 million of coverage from his health plan plus $1 million of coverage from Jenny’s plan had been exhausted during October. Jimmie and Jenny owed over $1 million to the hospital and counting."

Jennie and Jimmie, page 55

"Richard was forced to pay $500 per day--$15,000 per month—for sub acute care to maintain his wife in her comatose state."

Richard and Martha, page 57


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