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“I had the opportunity to read your book and loved it. This is a book I would be happy to give my clients, as I believe it would assist them in understanding the process. This is a wonderful book!”

- Christina Stone, JD
Attorney, certified specialist estate planning, trust and probate law
La Habra, CA

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Contact: Robert Cullen
February 2010
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“We know seniors keep falling for these ‘free’ sales pitches because firms keep advertising that way on the Internet,” states Robert J Cullen, CFP®, author of Saving Mom & Dad…and You. A recognized authority on long-term care planning and Medi-Cal eligibility rules, Cullen wrote his groundbreaking book “to level the playing field for consumers of all economic means.”

“Whether it’s through apathy, ignorance or willful withholding of pertinent information, government agencies and the news media fail to educate seniors fully about Medi-Cal’s long-term care programs,” states Cullen. This lack of proper information leaves a vacuum that is too often filled by unsavory sales people pitching annuities as the slam-dunk answer to every financial need, according to Cullen.

In Saving Mom & Dad…and You, Cullen helps seniors avoid shysters by providing detailed guidance to selecting competent Medi-Cal advisors. Cullen also addresses the controversy surrounding use and misuse of annuities for Medi-Cal qualifying purposes.

Excerpts from his book, including the entire “Chapter 11 – Choosing a Medi-Cal Advisor” and his discussion “Use and Misuse of Annuities” are available on www.savingmomanddad.com.

Contact: Robert Cullen
February 2010
Phone: (909) 982-9688, (909) 920-3138
Website: http://keltypress.com

Must You Go Broke To Get Help When

Your Health Insurance Runs Out?

Robert Cullen's Put in a Boxdiagrams are the best-kept secret in the financial planning profession! If you are a professional working with seniors or a consumer dealing with aging parents, this book is for YOU!

- Nancy Langdon Jones, CFP®, MS, Certified Senior Advisor, author, So You Want To Be A Financial Planner

The cost of unexpected hospitalization or extended long-term health care can decimate your savings and turn you into a pauper. Even people with high incomes and multimillion-dollar insurance caps have found themselves staring at financial ruin. Can it happen to your parents? Can it happen to you?

In Saving Mom and Dad...and You, journalist and financial planner Robert J. Cullen, CFP®, introduces Put it in a Box™ diagrams that wonderfully simply eligibility rules for disabled and elderly individuals who need assistance to pay for their health care.

For people with good health and comfortable finances, Robert provides expert guidance to meet long-term health care needs. His direction especially appeals to baby boomers who realize that shrinking government budgets make long-term health care planning necessary.

T o help families defuse emotional time bombs before they explode during a family crisis, Robert provides at www.savingmomanddad.com insightful questionnaires that measure realistically the strength of family ties. Depending on their Family Ties Quotient scores, people can better gauge whether family members will work in harmony or horror when crisis arise.

Featured on the cover and throughout the book are loving, historic b&w photographs provided by Roberts clients, friends and family members. These personal photographs give Saving Mom and Dad...and You warmth and feeling seldom found in financial books.

Praise for Saving Mom and Dadand You:

I had the opportunity to read your book and loved it. This is a book I would be happy to give my clients, as I believe it would assist them in understanding the process. This is a wonderful book!

- Christina Stone, JD, Attorney, certified specialist estate planning, trust and probate law, La Habra, CA

About the Author

Robert J. Cullen is a writer, speaker and consultant with a gift for making complex issues understandable. He is the president of Retirement Planning & Management Group, Inc, a full-range financial planning firm with special focus on the needs of elderly clients and their families.

His work, coupled with experience as a reporter and financial journalist, propelled him to become an expert on the Medi-Cal system and the financial needs of seniors, baby boomers, and concerned children of elderly parents. In the process, he developed a new paradigm for understanding eligibility rules for government assistance programs and became a sought  after consultant on Medi-Cal to seniors and financial and legal advisors. Bob gained national prominence through articles in the Los Angeles Times, Medical Economics, Financial Planning Magazine and other publications. He maintains a busy financial planning and consulting practice in Upland, California.

Saving Mom and Dad...and You can be ordered direct from www.keltypress.com. Book excerpts are available on the website. Review copies are available by calling the publisher. Contact the author directly for interviews.

Title: Saving Mom and Dadand You
Author: Robert J. Cullen
Trade Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Kelty Press
ISBN: 0-9749557-4-4
Retail: $15.00 US


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