Words of Praise

“I had the opportunity to read your book and loved it. This is a book I would be happy to give my clients, as I believe it would assist them in understanding the process. This is a wonderful book!”

- Christina Stone, JD
Attorney, certified specialist estate planning, trust and probate law
La Habra, CA

About the Book

WHEN SEVERE HEALTH CRISES STRIKE, consumers and their advisors understandably want assurance that an ill person’s access to health care services is secured. They want answers to worst-case scenarios: “Must I spend myself into poverty to get help for my Alzheimer’s-afflicted spouse? Will I be left to die if my health insurance runs out?”

This publication grew out of my work assisting families through health care crises with their disabled and elderly members. Often this work requires helping individuals become eligible for government-subsidized health care, known as Medi-Cal in California and Medicaid in the other 49 states.

For my work I developed Put it in a Box™ presentations that simplify the eligibility rules for obtaining Medi-Cal long-term care benefits. These Put it in a Box™ diagrams provide a new paradigm to understand Medi-Cal eligibility rules that will aid consumers and professional advisors—financial advisors, bankers, tax preparers, attorneys, social workers, nurses, caregivers — who serve disabled and elderly individuals.

Material in this book is arranged as a series of case studies that begin with a simple application for a single, elderly person with few assets and progresses to sophisticated planning for married couples with significant assets.

For people whose health and finances give them options, this book also provides guidance on avoiding Medi-Cal. Tightening federal and state budgets mean likely cuts in Medicaid/Medi-Cal funding in the future that will limit benefits for baby boomers. This book helps boomers examine long-term care planning options.

Finally this book ventures into the delicate, volatile area of family relations. When crises arise, will your family work in harmony or horror? This book provides the opportunity to measure your family ties quotient (FTQ) and anticipate family reactions before a crisis erupts. Steps taken now to remove emotional obstacles may smooth the road to better relations when family members most need support and consolation.

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